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  • What makes Big Robb Fishing hooks the best?
    1. Our hooks are designed using a flat forging method the increases the hooks strength at it's most stressed areas...the bottom contour of the hook. When the fish is hooked, this area (between the hookset and the mainline) comes under the most stress! You definitely do not want that to be the weakest point on your hook! 2. Our hooks come with rubberized shrink tubing allowing your knots to remain much tighter and more secure than a plain metal shank! This tubing lets your leader line "bite" into it and give some grip to your knot and keeping it much tighter and more secure! 3. Our hooks are chemically sharpened. This process allows a much more uniform and precise point to be placed on each hook thereby maximizing both sharpness and penetrating power to increase your hook up ratio even further!
  • What is a circle hook and why should I use them?
    Circle hooks bring your fishing game to a brand new level: 1. Increase your hook-up ratio by automatically placing the hook and the best location...the corner of the mouth. 2. As the fish grabs your bait, it loads the rod up with tension and positions the hook for best penetration by simply reeling down on the rod. Most times the fish sets the hook themselves! 3. Circle hooks significantly reduce the likely hook of your fish swallowing the hook and causing irreparable damage to the fish. Best choice for catch and release fishermen! 4. Circle hooks hold your bait better by not allowing it the easily slide off the hook due to the shape and offset of the hook.
  • Do you offer wholesale and bulk sales?
    YES! We do offer wholesale and bulk sale options. Please contact us directly with those inquiries as they generally will require a longer lead time and different shipping options to accommodate your needs.
  • Do you have pro-staff and sponsored anglers?
    We are always looking for like minded people to not only help promote our products, but, also to improve your hook up ratio and step up your fishing game with our hooks! If you think you meet our requirements please send us an email and lets talk!
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